Back to talkSPORT for the 2013-14 FA Cup

Posted on 13th December 2013

I am very honoured to have been asked again by talkSPORT to be one of their FA Cup commentators for their coverage this season.

When I first worked for talkSPORT at the 2012 European Championship Finals in Poland it was the first commercial radio work that I had done for over twenty years, and a return to radio after about seven years of working only for television.

So what are the differences between radio and television commentary?  TV is led by the pictures, a commentator is only there to add to what the viewer is seeing; while radio is all about painting a picture for your listener, with particular emphasis on who has the ball and where on the pitch they are. To go back to radio commentary with talkSPORT was an absolute joy, and I have spoken with other TV commentators who, like me, started in radio, and they all say they would love the chance to do it again. Luckily for me, I have.

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