About Me

John Roder is heard frequently in the UK on the BBC's Match of the Day programme, TNT Sports, ITV, Eurosport and Talksport. He also broadcasts around the world for a wide variety of clients, particularly FIFA TV, IMG and Pitch International.


John Roder commentates on the Premier League for the prestigious and world famous BBC programme Match of the Day; and is a regular voice on tv stations all around the world. He has joined up with several other broadcasters to form a media training enterprise based in the South West of England http://johnrodermediatraining.com

2023 saw John at the FIFA Under 17 World Cup in Indonesia, the FIFA Women's World Cup in New Zealand. the Toulon Tournament in France and two Club World Cups in Morocco and Saudi Arabia. In 2022 John was at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the FIFA Women's Under 17 World Cup in India, the Toulon Under 20 Tournament in France and the FIFA Club World Cup in the UAE. In December 2021 John was at the FIFA Arab Cup in Qatar. In 2019 John was at the Women's World Cup in France, again providing world feed commentary, and in 2019 he reached the milestone of 25 years as a freelance, since leaving the BBC in 1994. He was also one of the world feed commentators for the Euro 2020 qualifying campaign, and was at the 2019 Club World Cup in Qatar in December.

2018 saw John in Russia at the World Cup in Russia, and the Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates, providing world feed commentary for FIFA TV, and the Toulon Under 20 Tournament in France.

2017 saw John in the UAE for FIFA TV in December for the FIFA Club World Cup, and in South Korea for FIFA TV at the FIFA Under 20 World Cup in May and June.

In 2016 he was one of the world feed commentators for the Copa America Centenario in the United States, including the final in New York; and at the Toulon Under 20 event in France. 

John commentated on the final of the Women's World Cup in Canada in 2015 having been one of the on site world feed commentators for FIFA TV. He was also one of the world feed commentators for the qualifiers for the 2016 European Championship.

In 2014 he was one of the on site world feed commentators for FIFA TV at the World Cup in Brazil, and the Toulon Under 20 tournament in France.

The summer of 2013 saw John in Brazil to work at the Confederations Cup for FIFA TV, including two matches at the Maracana in Rio (above); the previous year John was at Euro 2012 in Poland for talkSPORT; the Olympics for BBC TV and the Women's Under 20 World Cup in Japan for FIFA TV. 

He has covered all the major football events; World Cups, European and African Championships, the Champions League and UEFA Cup; Copa Libertadores; Olympic Games; as well as domestic league and cup football from England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Brazil and Japan.

John has appeared on BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Five, BT Sport, Sky Sports, ESPN, Setanta Sports and Eurosport in the UK; and is frequently heard on Fox Sports, ESPN and beIN Sport in North America; SBS and beIN Sport in Australia, beIN Sport in the Middle East; and ESPN Star in Asia.

As well as commentary John provides voiceovers for adverts, documentaries and corporate films; through his agents at the excellent talent company. www.excellenttalent.co.uk

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If you would like to follow me on twitter it's @johnrodercomm if you're interested! I've started a venture with some good friends and colleagues who are also based in the South West of England, for more details please go to http://johnrodermediatraining.com.

Very pleased in 2023-24 to continue with Match of the Day for BBC TV for a 20th season, and a first season with TNT Sports, after 10 years with BT Sport, as well as continuing my association with other long standing clients. Rights to broadcast particular leagues come and go, such is the life of a freelance!


2023-24 full commentary matches

21.07.23   Philippines v Switzerland (Women's World Cup NZ until 2/8)
23.07.23   Netherlands v Portugal
26.07.23   Japan v Costa Rica
28.07.23   Argentina v South Africa
30.07.23   Switzerland v New Zealand
01.08.23   Vietnam v Netherlands
27.08.23   Strasbourg v Toulouse
03.09.23   Crystal Palace v Wolves
08.09.23   Bosnia & Herzegovina v Liechtenstein
11.09.23   Iceland v Bosnia & Herzegovina
17.09.23   Lorient v Monaco
20.09.23   Norwich v Leicester
21.09.23   Al Ittihad v Al Fateh
24.09.23   Lens v Toulouse
01.10.23   Nice v Brest
08.10.23   Lyon v Lorient
13.10.23   Liechtenstein v Bosnia & Herzegovina
15.10.23   Wales v Croatia
16.10.23   Luxembourg v Slovakia
22.10.23   Lorient v Rennes
26.10.23   Al Ittihad v Al Hazem
28.10.23   Southampton v Birmingham
29.10.23   Lille v Monaco
31.10.23   Exeter v Middlesbrough
03.11.23   Al Shabab v Al Ittihad
04.11.23   Sheffield United v Wolves
05.11.23   Nantes v Reims
11.11.23   New Caledonia v England -U17 World Cup, Indonesia until 25/11
11.11.23   Brazil v Iran                       
12.11.23   France v Burkina Faso
12.11.23   South Korea v USA
14.11.23   Brazil v New Caledonia
14.11.23   England v Iran
15.11.23   USA v Burkina Faso
15.11.23   France v South Korea
17.11.23   Poland v Argentina
17.11.23   England v Brazil
18.11.23   Germany v Venezuela
18.11.23   USA v France
22.11.23   England v Uzbekistan
22.11.23   France v Senegal
24.11.23   Brazil v Argentina
24.11.23   Spain v Germany
30.11.23   Al Ittihad v Al Khaleej
03.12.23   Bournemouth v Aston Villa
08.12.23   Al Tai v Al Hilal
12.12.23   Al Ittihad v Auckland City (FIFA CWC Saudi Arabia until 23/12)
15.12.23   Al Ahly v Al Ittihad
19.12.23   Urawa Reds v Manchester City
22.12.23   Manchester City v Fluminense                                 *
26.12.23   Al Ittihad v Al Nassr
30.12.23   Crystal Palace v Brentford
06.01.24   QPR v Bournemouth
14.01.24   Brest v Montpellier
21.01.24   Empoli v Monza
28.01.24   Reims v Nantes
04.02.24   Bournemouth v Nottingham Forest
10.02.24   Liverpool v Burnley
17.02.24   Plymouth v Leeds
18.02.24   Monaco v Toulouse
25.02.24   Nice v Clermont
26.02.24   Al Ittihad v Al Wedha 
29.02.24   Al Nassr v Al Hazem
02.03.24   Nottingham Forest v Liverpool


2022-23 full commentary matches

  07.08.22   Lille v Auxerre
  13.08.22   Southampton v Leeds
  14.08.22   Auxerre v Angers
  17.08.22   Sheffield United v Sunderland
  21.08.22   Clermont v Nice
  24.08.22   Tranmere v Newcastle
  28.08.22   Nice v Marseille
  30.08.22   Crystal Palace v Brentford
  04.09.22   Reims v Lens
  11.09.22   Ajaccio v Nice
  18.09.22   Marseille v Rennes
  26.09.22   Romania v Bosnia Herzegovina
  01.10.22   Bournemouth v Brentford
  02.10.22   Toulouse v Montpellier
  12.10.22   Mexico v China  (U17 Womens World Cup, India, until 21/10)
  12.10.22   Spain v Colombia
  15.10.22   China v Colombia
  15.10.22   Spain v Mexico
  18.10.22   China v Spain
  18.10.22   Tanzania v Canada
  21.10.22   USA v Nigeria
  21.10.22   Germany v Brazil
  30.10.22   Monaco v Angers
  06.11.22   Toulouse v Monaco
  08.11.22   Bournemouth v Everton
  09.11.22   Manchester City v Chelsea
  12.11.22   Bournemouth v Everton
  13.11.22   Lille v Angers
  21.11.22   Wales v USA (FIFA World Cup, Qatar until 1/12)
  22.11.22   Mexico v Poland
  24.11.22   Portugal v Ghana
  25.11.22   Wales v Iran
  27.11.22   Japan v Costa Rica
  28.11.22   Brazil v Switzerland
  30.11.22   Poland v Argentina
  01.12.22   Croatia v Belgium
  20.12.22   MK Dons v Leicester
  26.12.22   Crystal Palace v Fulham
  28.12.22   Troyes v Nantes
  02.01.23   Brentford v Liverpool
  14.01.23   Wolves v West Ham
  15.01.23   Reims v Nice
  16.01.23   Port Vale v Peterborough
  22.01.23   Monza v Sassuolo
  01.02.23   Al Ahly v Auckland City (FIFA CWC Morocco)
  04.02.23   Wydad Casablanca v Al Hilal
  08.02.23   Al Ahly v Real Madrid
  11.02.23   Real Madrid v Al Hilal (CWC Final)
  18.02.23   Brentford v Crystal Palace
  19.02.23   Stade Brest v Monaco                               *
  26.02.23   Nantes v Rennes
  05.03.23   Toulouse v Clermont
  11.03.23   Leeds v Brighton
  12.03.23   Nantes v Nice
  19.03.23   Nice v Lorient
  23.03.23   Slovakia v Luxembourg
  26.03.23   Forest Green Rovers v Sheffield Wednesday
  02.04.23   Angers v Nice
  08.04.23   Fulham v West Ham
  09.04.23   Reims v Stade Brest
  15.04.23   Wolves v Brentford
  23.04.23   Nice v Clermont
  28.04.23   Lecce v Udinese
  30.04.23   Bournemouth v Leeds
  07.05.23   Nantes v Strasbourg
  08.05.23   Tranmere v Northampton
  14.05.23   Monaco v Lille
  21.05.23   Brighton v Southampton
  28.05.23   Chelsea v Newcastle
  05.06.23   Venezuela v Costa Rica (Toulon Tournament until 13/6)
  05.06.23   France v Saudi Arabia
  07.06.23   Japan v Morocco
  07.06.23   Ivory Coast v Panama
  09.06.23   Australia v Mediterranean XI
  09.06.23   Mexico v Qatar
  11.06.23   Saudi Arabia v Costa Rica
  11.06.23   France v Venezuela
  13.06.23   Japan v Ivory Coast
  13.06.23   Panama v Morocco
  16.06.23   Wales v Armenia
  17.06.23   Luxembourg v Liechenstein
  19.06.23   Turkey v Wales
  20.06.23   Bosnia & Herzegovina v Luxembourg


2021-22 full commentary matches

25.07.21   France v South Africa   (Olympic Games)
25.07.21   Australia v Spain    (OG)
27.07.21   New Zealand v Sweden   (OG)
27.07.21   Canada v Great Britain   (OG)
28.07.21   Germany v Ivory Coast   (OG)
28.07.21   Spain v Argentina   (OG)
30.07.21   Netherlands v USA   (OG)
31.07.21   South Korea v Mexico   (OG)
07.08.21   Lyon v Brest
21.08.21   St Etienne v Lyon
22.08.21   Wolves v Tottenham
28.08.21   Peterborough v West Bromwich Albion
01.09.21   Faroe Islands v Israel
02.09.21   Ecuador v Paraguay
04.09.21   Israel v Austria
05.09.21   Brazil v Argentina
07.09.21   Denmark v Israel
09.09.21   Paraguay v Ecuador
11.09.21   Southampton v West Ham
12.09.21   Nottingham Forest v Cardiff
19.09.21   Angers v Nantes
21.09.21   Norwich v Liverpool
22.09.21   Salernitana v Verona
26.09.21   Bordeaux v Rennes
03.10.21   Monaco v Bordeaux
07.10.21   Uruguay v Colombia
09.10.21   Scotland v Israel
10.10.21   Argentina v Uruguay
12.10.21   Israel v Moldova
14.10.21   Brazil v Uruguay
17.10.21   Empoli v Atalanta
21.10.21   PSV v Monaco
23.10.21   Southampton v Burnley
26.10.21   QPR v Sunderland
30.10.21   Verona v Juventus
31.10.21   Fiorentina v Spezia
06.11.21   Crystal Palace v Wolves
07.11.21   Reims v Monaco
11.11.21   Paraguay v Chile
12.11.21   Austria v Israel
15.11.21   Israel v Faroe Islands
16.11.21   Venezuela v Peru
19.11.21   QPR v Luton
21.11.21   Metz v Bordeaux
30.11.21   UAE v Syria (FIFA Arab Cup Qatar, until 19/12)
01.12.21   Saudi Arabia v Jordan
03.12.21   Mauritania v UAE
04.12.21   Sudan v Egypt
06.12.21   Tunisia v UAE
07.12.21   Jordan v Palestine            *
10.12.21   Tunisia v Oman
11.12.21   Egypt v Jordan
15.12.21   Tunisia v Egypt
18.12.21   Egypt v Qatar
22.12.21   Venezia v Lazio
27.12.21   Newcastle v Manchester United
08.01.22   Leicester v Watford
09.01.22   Metz v Strasbourg
16.01.22   Monaco v Clermont
21.01.22   Watford v Norwich
27.01.22   Chile v Argentina
03.02.22   Al Jazira v AS Pirae (Club World Cup UAE until 13/2)
06.02.22   Al Hilal v Al Jazira
09.02.22   Al Hilal v Chelsea
12.02.22   Chelsea v Palmeiras
19.02.22   Southampton v Everton
20.02.22   Rennes v Troyes
26.02.22   Brentford v Newcastle
27.02.22   Clermont v Bordeaux
05.03.22   Wolves v Crystal Palace
06.03.22   Rennes v Angers
13.03.22   Strasbourg v Monaco
20.03.22   Bordeaux v Montpellier
26.03.22   Netherlands v Denmark
29.03.22   Chile v Uruguay
03.04.22   Strasbourg v Lens
09.04.22   Watford v Leeds
10.04.22   Monaco v Troyes
17.04.22   Nice v Lorient
24.04.22   Nice v Troyes
30.04.22   Southampton v Crystal Palace
07.05.22   Brentford v Southampton
08.05.22   Angers v Bordeaux
15.05.22   Swindon v Port Vale
22.05.22   Leicester v Southampton
29.05.22   South Africa v Panama (Toulon Tournament until 6/6)
29.05.22   France v Argentina
31.05.22   Japan v Algeria
31.05.22   Colombia v Comoros
02.06.22   Ghana v Indonesia      *
02.06.22   Mexico v Venezuela
04.06.22   South Africa v Panama
04.06.22   France v Argentina
06.06.22   Japan v Colombia
06.06.22   Algeria v Comoros
07.06.22   Italy v Hungary
09.06.22   Portugal v Czech Republic


2020-21 full commentary matches

04.09.20   Slovakia v Czech Republic
07.09.20   Israel v Slovakia
08.09.20   Plymouth v Norwich 
20.09.20   RB Leipzig v Mainz
22.09.20   Luton v Manchester United
26.09.20   Crystal Palace v Everton
29.09.20   Tottenham v Chelsea
04.10.20   Southampton v West Bromwich Albion
08.10.20   Argentina v Ecuador
11.10.20   Scotland v Slovakia
13.10.20   Ecuador v Uruguay
14.10.20   Scotland v Czech Republic
25.10.20   Bordeaux v Nimes
30.10.20   Wolves v Crystal Palace
01.11.20   Aston Villa v Southampton
04.11.20   Derby v QPR
06.11.20   Brighton v Burnley
08.11.20   Lens v Reims
12.11.20   Bolivia v Ecuador
15.11.20   Slovakia v Scotland
17.11.20   Ecuador v Colombia
18.11.20   Israel v Scotland
22.11.20   Freiburg v Mainz
25.11.20   Bristol City v Watford
28.11.20   West Bromwich Albion v Sheffield United
29.11.20   Bayer Leverkusen v Hertha Berlin
06.12.20   Bordeaux v Stade Brest
13.12.20   Strasbourg v Metz
16.12.20   PSG v Lorient
20.12.20   Brighton v Sheffield United
26.12.20   Sheffield United v Everton
01.01.21   Manchester United v Aston Villa
03.01.21   Borussia Dortmund v Wolfsburg
09.01.21   Lincoln v Peterborough
09.01.21   Ipswich v Swindon
10.01.21   Newport v Brighton
12.01.21   Wolves v Everton
23.01.21   Aston Villa v Newcastle
24.01.21   Schalke v Bayern Munich
26.01.21   Crystal Palace v West Ham
30.01.21   Everton v Newcastle
04.02.21   Tigres UANL v Ulsan Hyundai
06.02.21   Burnley v Brighton
07.02.21   Al Duhail v Ulsan Hyundai
13.02.21   Crystal Palace v Burnley
14.02.21   Eintracht Frankfurt v Cologne
19.02.21   Watford v Derby
20.02.21   Schalke v Borussia Dortmund
21.02.21   Hertha Berlin v RB Leipzig
28.02.21   Lorient v Saint Etienne     *
07.03.21   Cologne v Werder Bremen
14.03.21   RB Leipzig v Eintracht Frankfurt
19.03.21   Fulham v Leeds
25.03.21   Israel v Denmark
28.03.21   Israel v Scotland
31.03.21   Scotland v Faroe Islands
04.04.21   Reims v Rennes
11.04.21   Cologne v Mainz
15.04.21   Rotherham v Coventry
17.04.21   Wolves v Sheffield United
25.04.21   RB Leipzig v Stuttgart
01.05.21   Brighton v Leeds
02.05.21   Brest v Nantes
04.05.21   Luton v Rotherham
09.05.21   Eintracht Frankfurt v Mainz
16.05.21   Crystal Palace v Aston Villa
23.05.21   Sheffield United v Burnley
03.06.21   Uruguay v Paraguay
05.06.21   Montenegro v Israel
06.06.21   Luxembourg v Scotland
08.06.21   Ecuador v Peru


2019-20 full commentary matches

10.08.19   Crystal Palace v Everton
17.08.19   Brighton v West Ham
18.08.19   Rennes v PSG
25.08.19   Wolves v Burnley
28.08.19   Lille v Saint Etienne
01.09.19   Marseille v Saint Etienne
05.09.19   Faroe Islands v Sweden 
08.09.19   Sweden v Norway
14.09.19   Fiorentina v Juventus
15.09.19   Huddersfield v Sheffield Wednesday 
20.09.19   Southampton v Bournemouth
22.09.19   Angers v Saint Etienne
28.09.19   Crystal Palace v Norwich
03.10.19   Astana v Partizan Belgrade
05.10.19   Watford v Sheffield United
06.10.19   Rennes v Reims
12.10.19   Malta v Sweden
13.10.19   Coventry v Tranmere
15.10.19   Faroe Islands v Malta
19.10.19   Bournemouth v Norwich
27.10.19   PSG v Marseille
29.10.19   Oxford v Sunderland
02.11.19   Brighton v Norwich
03.11.19   Charlton v Preston
05.11.19   Lyon v Benfica
06.11.19   Dinamo Zagreb v Shakhtar Donetsk 
09.11.19   Bayern Munich v Borussia Dortmund
10.11.19   Marseille v Lyon
15.11.19   Romania v Sweden
18.11.19   Sweden v Faroe Islands
23.11.19   Everton v Norwich
30.11.19   Kingstonian v Fylde
01.12.19   Napoli v Bologna
03.12.19   Angers v Marseille
04.12.19   Southampton v Norwich
11.12.19   Al Sadd v Hienghene Sport (Club World Cup, Qatar)
14.12.19   Al Hilal v Esperance 
14.12.19   Monterrey v Al Sadd
17.12.19   Al Sadd v Esperance
17.12.19   Flamengo v Al Hilal
18.12.19   Monterrey v Liverpool
21.12.19   Monterrey v Al Hilal
21.12.19   Liverpool v Flamengo (CWC Final)
26.12.19   Crystal Palace v West Ham
28.12.19   Southampton v Crystal Palace
01.01.20   Watford v Wolves
04.01.20   Oxford United v Hartlepool
05.01.20   Chelsea v Nottingham Forest
09.01.20   Torino v Genoa
21.01.20   Crystal Palace v Southampton           *
25.01.20   Millwall v Sheffield United
26.01.20   Inter Milan v Cagliari
01.02.20   RB Leipzig v Borussia Munchengladbach
16.02.20   Lille v Marseille
22.02.20   Spal v Juventus
28.02.20   Norwich v Leicester
01.03.20   Nantes v Rennes
07.03.20   Bristol City v Fulham
19.06.20   Norwich v Southampton
20.06.20   Fulham v Brentford
28.06.20   Bristol City v Sheffield Wednesday
03.07.20   Portsmouth v Oxford United
06.07.20   Oxford United v Portsmouth
08.07.20   Sheffield United v Wolves
12.07.20   Bournemouth v Leicester
14.07.20   West Bromwich Albion v Fulham 
26.07.20   Southampton v Sheffield United

2018-19 full commentary matches

07.08.18   Nottingham Forest v West Bromwich Albion
11.08.18   Watford v Brighton
17.08.18   Rheims v Lyon
18.08.18   Guingamp v PSG
18.08.18   Monaco v Lille
26.08.18   Fulham v Burnley
01.09.18   Crystal Palace v Southampton
02.09.18   Monaco v Marseille
06.09.18   Austria v Sweden
09.09.18   Germany v Peru
15.09.18   Bournemouth v Leicester
16.09.18   Bordeaux v Nimes
18.09.18   Liverpool v PSG
25.09.18   Toulouse v St Etienne
26.09.18   Marseille v Strasbourg
29.09.18   Newcastle v Leicester
02.10.18   Roma v Viktoria Plzen
03.10.18   Tottenham v Barcelona
20.10.18   Bournemouth v Southampton
21.10.18   St Etienne v Rennes 
03.11.18   Fiorentina v Roma
04.11.18   Montpellier v Marseille
11.11.18   Liverpool v Fulham
15.11.18   Poland v Czech Republic
17.11.18   Fleetwood v Walsall
20.11.18   Turkey v Ukraine
24.11.18   Brighton v Leicester
25.11.18   Amiens v Marseille
30.11.18   Cardiff v Wolves
01.12.18   Monaco v Montpellier
02.12.18   Toulouse v Dijon
04.12.18   Bournemouth v Huddersfield
12.12.18   Al Ain v Team Wellington (Club World Cup, UAE)
15.12.18   Kashima Antlers v Chivas Guadalajara (CWC)
15.12.18   Esperance de Tunis v Al Ain (CWC)
18.12.18   Esperance de Tunis v Chivas Guadalajara (CWC)
18.12.18   River Plate v Al Ain (CWC)
19.12.18   Kashima Antlers v Real Madrid (CWC)
22.12.18   Kashima Antlers v River Plate (CWC)
22.12.18   Real Madrid v Al Ain (CWC Final)
26.12.18   Crystal Palace v Cardiff
30.12.18   Burnley v West Ham
02.01.19   Huddersfield v Burnley
05.01.19   Bristol City v Huddersfield
11.01.19   Leeds v Derby
13.01.19   Marseille v Monaco
19.01.19   Southampton v Everton
26.01.19   Brighton v West Bromwich Albion
27.01.19   PSG v Rennes
30.01.19   Strasbourg v Bordeaux                 *
01.02.19   Preston v Derby
02.02.19   Cardiff v Bournemouth
03.02.19   Lyon v PSG
17.02.19   St Etienne v PSG
24.02.19   Monaco v Lyon
26.02.19   Cardiff v Everton
01.03.19   Leeds v West Bromwich Albion
02.03.19   Brighton v Huddersfield
10.03.19   Birmingham v Aston Villa
10.03.19   Marseille v Nice
13.03.19   Norwich v Hull
17.03.19   West Ham v Huddersfield
18.03.19   PSG v Marseille 
23.03.19   Sweden v Romania
26.03.19   Norway v Sweden
01.04.19   St Etienne v Nimes
10.04.19   Birmingham v Sheffield United
13.04.19   Southampton v Wolves
14.04.19   Lille v PSG
19.04.19   Burton v Portsmouth
20.04.19   West Ham v Leicester
21.04.19   PSG v Monaco
28.04.19   Marseille v Nantes
05.05.19   Lyon v Lille
11.05.19   Derby v Leeds
12.05.19   Crystal Palace v Bournemouth
18.05.19   Lyon v Caen
30.05.19   Lens v Dijon
02.06.19   Dijon v Lens
08.06.19   Norway v Nigeria (Women's World Cup)
09.06.19   Australia v Italy (WWC)
11.06.19   USA v Thailand (WWC)
12.06.19   Germany v Spain (WWC)
14.06.19   Jamaica v Italy (WWC)
15.06.19   Netherlands v Cameroon (WWC)
17.06.19   South Korea v Norway (WWC)
18.06.19   Italy v Brazil (WWC)
20.06.19   Netherlands v Canada (WWC)
23.06.19   England v Cameroon (WWC)
24.06.19   USA v Spain (WWC)
29.06.19   Netherlands v Italy (WWC)
01.07.19   South Africa v Morocco (Africa Cup of Nations)
02.07.19   Benin v Cameroon (ACON)
06.07.19   England v Sweden (WWC)
11.07.19   Ivory Coast v Algeria (ACON)



2017-18 full commentary matches

05.08.17   Liverpool v Athletic Bilbao
06.08.17   Marseille v Dijon
12.08.17   Southampton v Swansea
19.08.17   Bournemouth v Watford
20.08.17   PSG v Toulouse
23.08.17   Cheltenham v West Ham
26.08.17   Crystal Palace v Swansea
27.08.17   Monaco v Marseille
01.09.17   Brazil v Ecuador
03.09.17   Albania v Liechtenstein
05.09.17   Macedonia v Albania
06.09.17   Paraguay v Uruguay
09.09.17   Southampton v Watford
10.09.17   Lyon v Guingamp
15.09.17   Bournemouth v Brighton
16.09.17   RB Leipzig v Borussia Monchengladbach
17.09.17   Borussia Dortmund v Cologne
19.09.17   Reading v Swansea
26.09.17   Sevilla v Maribor
30.09.17   West Bromwich Albion v Watford 
05.10.17   Venezuela v Uruguay
07.10.17   Cyprus v Greece
08.10.17   Gillingham v Portsmouth
10.10.17   Greece v Gibraltar
11.10.17   Uruguay v Bolivia
14.10.17   Swansea v Huddersfield 
15.10.17   Strasbourg v Marseille
17.10.17   Spartak Moscow v Sevilla
24.10.17   Bristol City v Crystal Palace
27.10.17   PSG v Nice
04.11.17   Boreham Wood v Blackpool
05.11.17   St Etienne v Lyon
11.11.17   Doncaster v Rotherham
18.11.17   Bournemouth v Huddersfield
25.11.17   Sheffield United v Birmingham
29.11.17   Nantes v Monaco
01.12.17   Roma v Spal
02.12.17   Leicester v Huddersfield
06.12.17   Al Jazira v Auckland City (Club World Cup, UAE) 
09.12.17   Pachuca v Wydad Casablanca (CWC) 
09.12.17   Al Jazira v Urawa Red Diamonds (CWC)
12.12.17   Wydad Casablanca v Urawa Red Diamonds (CWC)
12.12.17   Gremio v Pachuca (CWC)
13.12.17   Al Jazira v Real Madrid (CWC)
16.12.17   Al Jazira v Pachuca (CWC)
16.12.17   Real Madrid v Gremio (CWC Final)
20.12.17   PSG v Caen
23.12.17   Swansea v Crystal Palace
26.12.17   Bournemouth v West Ham 
29.12.17   Cardiff v Preston North End *
30.12.17   Watford v Swansea       
01.01.18   Leicester v Huddersfield
06.01.18   Exeter v West Bromwich Albion
19.01.18   Caen v Marseille
28.01.18   Bordeaux v Lyon
31.01.18   Southampton v Brighton
03.02.18   Bournemouth v Stoke
04.02.18   Caen v Nantes
11.02.18   Lyon v Rennes
18.02.18   Marseille v Bordeaux
19.02.18   Blackburn v Bury
24.02.18   Watford v Everton
25.02.18   PSG v Marseille
03.03.18   Swansea v West Ham
04.03.18   Marseille v Nantes
10.03.18   West Bromwich Albion v Leicester
17.03.18   Bournemouth v West Bromwich Albion
18.03.18   Marseille v Lyon
24.03.18   Luton v Barnet
30.03.18   Oxford v Scunthorpe   
31.03.18   Watford v Bournemouth
01.04.18   Lyon v Toulouse
02.04.18   Portsmouth v Wigan
07.04.18   West Bromwich Albion v Swansea
11.04.18   Wolves v Derby
15.04.18   PSG v Monaco
21.04.18   Cardiff v Nottingham Forest
22.04.18   Bordeaux v PSG
04.05.18   Rochdale v Charlton
05.05.18   Cardiff v Reading
05.05.18   Caen v Monaco
12.05.18   Scunthorpe v Rotherham
13.05.18   West Ham v Everton
19.05.18   Lyon v Nice
28.05.18   Turkey v Japan (Toulon Tournament)
28.05.18   Portugal v Canada
30.05.18   South Korea v Togo
30.05.18   Scotland v France
01.06.18   China v Mexico
01.06.18   England v Qatar
03.06.18   Japan v Canada
03.06.18   Portugal v Turkey
09.06.18   Turkey v Scotland
09.06.18   Mexico v England (Final)
15.06.18   Portugal v Spain (World Cup, Russia)
18.06.18   Belgium v Panama
22.06.18   Serbia v Switzerland
24.06.18   England v Panama
26.06.18   Australia v Peru
28.06.18   England v Belgium
01.07.18   Croatia v Denmark
06.07.18   Uruguay v France


and on and on it goes through the years.....!