Whether it's a commercial, programme narration, podcast, or any project that requires an extra sparkle, I can provide you with a voiceover to match.

For all voiceover requirements, please contact my agents at info@excellenttalent.com, or call them on 03452 100 111.


Here's a link to my voiceover showreels on the excellent talent website. There are four to choose from, a 20 second soundbite, a 90 second showreel, a narration showreel and a sports showreel.



Please contact Excellent Talent on 03452 100 111 if you'd like me to provide the voice for your campaign. Click on the link above for my page at the Excellent Talent website.

I have provided voiceovers for all sorts of clients, not all sports based, here are just a few.

Nike.  https://youtube.com/watch?v=afUUBvWBp3I


Discovery Channel.

History Channel.

National Geographic Channel.

EA Sports.

Mail on Sunday.

Compaq computers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar7EsDhKdZ4

Territorial Army.

North Foreland Golf Club http://northforeland.co.uk

Department of Education.

P & O Cruises.

Marillion - advert for Marbles CD.

Andre Agassi tennis computer game.

I'm proud to say Excellent Talent have represented me for voiceovers since they began in the mid 1990's. You can see their website at http://www.excellenttalent.com/; contact them on info@excellenttalent.com; or call them on 03452 100 111.